Chiaki Yamada

Certified Public Psychologist (Koninshinrishi), Certified Clinical Psychologist (Rinshoshinrishi) in Japan, Psychologist (Psychologue) in France

Hello, I am Chiaki Yamada, a certified public psychologist (Koninshinrishi) and certified clinical psychologist (Rinshoshinrishi) in Japan, and a Psychologist (Psychologue) in France.

After obtaining a Master's degree in psychology in Bordeaux, France in 2004, I have worked for developmental and educational consultation centers, junior high schools and high schools, and outpatient multicultural mental health clinic in Japan and in France as a counselor.

I have worked with diverse client populations of various age, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and sexual orientations.

Sometimes it's hard to cope with stress and worries, living abroad. When you are tired, you might think even more negatively, criticize yourself, and it can become a vicious cycle that makes you feel even more down. In such cases, it might be helpful to slow down for a while and take time to talk with a counselor.

By providing a safe, warm, and calm environment, we can work together aiming to cultivate self-compassion, a kinder and more productive relationship with yourself and empower you to make positive changes in your life. I look forward to meeting you!

Chiaki Yamada